My Blue Bird

My favourite corner office.


Relaxing behind the wheel on Safari in the Kruger Park

The colour looks good on me


Player with South African wheelchair tennis. He performed exceptionally well with the trials in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

My Favourite bus driver (Oom Gert) on Robin Island (Home “Prison” to Nelson Mandela for many years)


Such hard work. Paid to see places. Some down time at the beach on the bosses expense. Don’t worry. He approved it……..

Doing some work for SA Cricket


Driving the SA cricket woman squad “The Proteas”

The boyz… National cricket squad mens bus.


Some bush safari work

The places we have to go to some days.


Now this one has a story…


See the bus way down there in the valley horizontal from my right hand.


Well, this was a high school tour to the Natal Midlands. This mountain was used as a vantage point by British soldiers fighting against Zulu warriors armed only with Assagai’s (Pronounced – Assa-guys)


Anyways, So we get to the top of this mountain. Which entailed quite a bit of rock climbing as well. One of the senior school girls has an Asthma attack. And her inhaler is in the bus. Me being a former paramedic realized the implications of such a condition. I run all the way down this mountain to the bus. Locate her seat. Get her inhaler and run back up the mountain again and administer medical assistance. I will never forget this day. And with it being day one of a five day tour. I received loads and loads of sweets the entire trip. What a bonus……. :)