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School Bus driver training:


  • Annual training
  • Pre-Employment assessment
  • Correcting poor/Bad Habits


Recommended minimum School bus driver training syllabus which should be introduced in South Africa:

  1. Fundamentals of driving a School bus
  2. Laws & Regulations of driving a School bus
  3. School bus driver self management “Expectations & Responsibilities”
  4. Pre-Trip inspections
  5. Post-Trip inspections
  6. Scholar Management & Discipline
  7. Scholar loading & unloading
  8. Transporting Pre-School children
  9. Maintaining secure environment on the bus
  10. Dealing with threats “Criminal”
  11. Route Hazards
    1. Daily route trip
    2. Special field trips
  12. Emergency evacuations
  13. Crash & Emergency procedures
  14. The parked bus
  15. Defensive driving
  16. Driving in adverse conditions
  17. Route Hazards
  18. 1st Aid training
  19. Fire training

Does your current School bus driver have any of the above qualifications & experience?





Teachers doing bus driver training


Being awarded their bus drivers license

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