The School Transport Corporation specialises in the vehicle management of Scholar Transport to ensure statute compliance and safe     

   scholar transport by:

  • Assistance with Operator permit applications & renewals
  • Monthly or Regular inspection and Audit of school transport vehicles
  • First Aid training for scholar transport drivers
  • Regular school bus driver training
  • Supply of School to bus driver legal communications
  • Ongoing advice on scholar transport related matters



        Join The School Transport Corporation as a Scholar Transport Operator:


  1. Assistance with Operator Permit Application
  2. Monthly documented Vehicle Inspection & Audit
  3. Advice on Scholar transport related matters
  4. First Aid level 1 training at below market costs (Certificate valid for 2 years)
  5. Free Fire Marshall training 
  6. Regular driver assessments 
  7. Passenger Liability, Public Liability & Vehicle Insurance with National insurer at affordable rates
  8. 24/7 Emergency assistance via our Driver Legal Two-Way radio network
  9. Regular Scholar transport industry newsletters
  10.  Certificate of Membership as 100% National Road Traffic Act compliance
  11. Recommended as 100% compliance Scholar Transport operator by persons making inquiries
  12. The School Transport Corporation branding on vehicle       



 Contact us today to discuss your requirements    –   Leonard 083 590 1807    |     info@tstc.co.za